Our Services

Our Services


E-Learning - Mental Health & Safety Training

Our workplace technology solution offers businesses alternatives to traditional classroom training and is one of reducing some of the pressure put on businesses by creating a unique approach to Mental Health.
Mente allows businesses the ability to reach higher volumes of users and is ideal for site-based or workers who need to be trained remotely. It also provides protection to businesses by having a carefully structured policy and a digital audit trailed approach to mental health welfare that supports them from a moral, legal and compliance perspective. It does not require any special technology and is available on any device and browser and is available online 24-7 allowing employees to sit when it suits them.


Real-Time Employee Feedback

Using our anonymous real-time survey, employees can feedback their feelings on mental health, bullying and other areas affecting their mental wellbeing to the management as often as they wish through their own private dashboard, thereby allowing management to view the anonymised feedback gathered, and make appropriate changes. The information can be viewed instantly on the management dashboard or through using the services of Mente to break the information down into areas which contribute to staff wellbeing. Whether you have 20 staff or 1000 staff, we can provide you with up to the minute feedback on how staff feel their mental health is being tested on a regular basis, allowing you to create a healthier more productive workplace.


Employee Assistance

Giving employees access to professionals in challenging times can take the burden away from line management. Whether you require occupational health, therapists or HR partners we can guide you the most appropriate support system.



Hey, are you OK? Workshop Training

The responsibility for mental health and wellbeing needs to be mutually inclusive between the workplace and the workforce.

  • Raise awareness and understanding of stress and distress
  • Understand the relationship between emotional, physical
    and mental health
  • Know when the signs of (di)stress and what to do to help
    themselves and to reach out to others
  • Promote adoption into their personal and work life.

In a follow-on workshop, champion level, key staff members learn how to embed the 3-Steps approach into systems, practices and procedures.

Through our bespoke service, we can also tailor workshops to suit a specific audience or particular need.