Mental health can have a serious impact on a business, however the mental health of employees is still typically ignored by businesses. This is reflected in most workplace training programs, which focus on physical health and safety exclusively.

What Do The Mental Health Professionals Say?

There are many misconceptions and questions about mental health in the modern workplace, as well as our family and social lives. We sat down with some of our partners to tackle a few of the biggest questions you might have.

It‘s no longer a question of whether you can afford to implement a mental health & safety programme, it’s now a question of whether you can afford not to.

Mental health can have a serious impact on a business, that’s why all employees should have a basic awareness of mental health and how to get support when required. 

Mente is dedicated to helping employers fulfil their duty of care and to protecting the mental health of employees.

Working with Mente you can be sure you are only ever dealing with best in class mental health professionals who have years of experience and training in their field.

We provide a full-service approach to workplace mental health management, through digital and human-led services.

It is a multi-faceted service that will ensure your business and your workforce receive the most appropriate, tailor-made advice and solutions possible.

Managing mental health in the workplace has never been easier.

A full list of what we offer can be found on our services page.

What We Deliver

Awareness Training

CPD accredited mandatory and optional E-learning mental health awareness courses delivered in bite-sized modules.

Employee Feedback Surveys

Choice of digital real-time surveys allowing employees to feedback their feelings on mental health at work at any time.

Professional Services

Access to certified specialist partners when you need additional support for your employees.

Absence Tool

Access to a digital absence tool so that you can easily track sickness and its associated costs for your business, ensuring you put appropriate solutions in place.

Who We Work With

It’s important to trust you have the right professional experience when it comes to mental health. At Mente, our background is creating solutions for businesses and stakeholders.

As well as an experienced internal team, we have built a partner network to deliver the specialist advice when you need it, and have become supporting members of key professional organisations in ensuring our knowledge is kept up to date.

We work alongside best in class professionals in a variety of fields relating to mental health & workplace health & safety.

We believe there should be a clear pathway that enables the employee to transition from prevention, support, recovery and back into prevention.

Together, we provide employers with a full suite of services to help support the above while adhering to mental health and safety regulations.

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