Despite the massive impact mental health has on organisations, the mental health of employees is still typically ignored by businesses. This is reflected in most workplace training programs, which focus on physical health and safety exclusively.

What Do The Experts Say?

At Mente Health, we work with a range professionals with many years of experience relating to mental health, employee wellbeing, employment, HR law, and many more. This has helped us build a complete, multi-faceted service that will ensure your business and your workforce receive the most appropriate, tailor-made advice and solutions possible.

There are many misconceptions and questions about mental health in the modern workplace, as well as our family and social lives. We sat down with some of our partners to tackle a few of the biggest questions you might have.

It‘s no longer a question of whether you can afford to implement a mental health & safety policy, it’s now a question of whether you can afford not to.

Mente is dedicated to helping employers fulfil their duty of care and protecting the mental health of their workforce.

Our unique workplace solution is one of reducing the pressure on businesses by providing a one-stop shop approach through in the moment digital and human-led services.

Employers can benefit on many levels by focussing on their internal approach to mental health and drawing on ever-increasing levels of external expertise and resources.

Businesses must assess mental health risk factors in a similar way to how physical health and safety hazards would be evaluated. By understanding the risks, employers can ensure they are pre-emptive in their approach to the management of stress.

Those that fail to take the matter seriously are going to be at a competitive disadvantage and exposed to significant operational costs caused by sickness, leavers and lost production as well as the increasing rise and risk of tribunal claims.

We will help you:

  • Understand the impact mental health has on the workplace and the risk if not managed compliantly.
  • Put processes in place to ensure your business is mentally compliant.
  • Educate all your employees on mental health through our accredited courses via the learner management system
  • Achieve full compliance with all related UK/EU/employments regulations.
  • Keep on top of the ever-changing guidance on mental health.
  • Signpost you to the most appropriate service and solution when needed with your budget
  • Train managers in recognition and intervention using IOSH or similarly certified instructors.
  • Understand absence costs to your business via our built-in absence management tool.

Getting it right isn’t just about knowing what the law says or following a tick-box process.
It’s about strategic planning and creating a compliant and mentally healthy environment.

E – Learning

Madatory and optional micro learning delivered over short bite-sized modules.

Mental Health Surveys

Real-time open-ended surveys allowing employees the ability to feedback their feelings on mental health at work at any time.

Professional Services

Access to a number of specialist partners to contact when you need additional support for your employees.

Who We Work With

It’s important to trust you have the right expertise when it comes to mental health. At Mente, our background is creating solutions for businesses and stakeholders. As well as an experienced internal team, we have built a partner network to deliver the specialist expert advice when you need it.

We work alongside experts in a variety of fields relating to mental health, wellbeing & workplace health & safety. Together, we provide employers with a full suite of services to help support the workforce and adhere to mental health and safety regulation.

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