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The Mente workplace solution is a unique alternative to expensive classroom training and was developed by a team who not only trained in mental health but is led by key people who also recovered from mental illness. The mente team have years of experience in providing workplace solutions to manage risk and keep everyone mentally healthy.

We offer a range of services, from real-time digital services to human-led solutions and can help you re-organise your working practices if there is any risk to the business and its employees.

We provide businesses with a carefully structured audit-trailed approach that enables employers to evidence compliant practice on mental health.

We can’t solve all your employee’s mental health issues, but can help you decide what types of approaches suit your business and where to get the help you need.

We do this through:

  • Improving employers’ knowledge of and adherence to health and safety regulations and good practice with a robust mental health policy.

  • Removing taboos around mental ill health, so it may be understood, accepted and managed as well as physical ill health, allowing employees to feel confident in discussing the subject openly.

  • Reducing feelings of isolation and exclusion for employees with mental health issues, thereby improving their quality of life and reducing potential illness due to not seeking help.

  • Help and support line managers who have lack of knowledge on the subject of mental health.

  • Protecting the business preventing disruption to operations and potential litigation due to failing in duty of care.

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