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Why educate everyone?

Everyone has mental health, just as everyone has physical health. Like physical health, our mental health can fluctuate, but everyone’s experience of mental health is different and unique to them.

There is now an urgent need to educate everyone about mental health to not only reduce the stigma attached to the subject but to also create an open dialogue for people to talk honestly and safely in the workplace allowing them easy access to professional support.

Why e-Learning?

Not every business has the logistical capability or budget to have classroom training, there is also a tendency in management to seek a one-size-fits-all solution. The reality is that there are systematic differences in the way people learn so managers need to understand that every employee is different and allowing people to learn in their own time at their own pace is key.

Another benefit to digital awareness training is the information is consistent allowing employees the ability to revisit the content as often as they like whether that be to familiarise themselves with learnings or to seek help for a family member or friend.

However, behind every digital solution, we offer there is access to award-winning trainers delivering workshops as well as more comprehensive learning leading to national qualifications.

Learner Management System

Our bespoke learner management system (LMS) is home to accredited micro-learning, called bite-sized modules and will take your employees no more than 5 minutes to complete each module. Employees can complete them anytime on any device or browser and even if they get called away it isn’t a problem, they can just pick up where they left off when they log back in. We appreciate not everyone wants to learn digitally so employees can listen to the mandatory courses in audio download or request it in print.

Why mandatory learning?

If we really want everyone to be educated on mental health and protect both the employee and business we need to ensure everyone, not just a chosen few, understand the importance of education. Mente strongly believes mental health is a risk-based health and safety concern and by ensuring we educate our people on the subject, we are also protecting our business as well as them by having an evidenced-based platform to show governing bodies should they visit.

Accredited learning

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

All of our digital courses are CPD accredited and are available for every employee with their own private portal where they can also get access to further support.

Our courses are available in digital, audio and print, and form part of your health and safety policy with compliance based evidence record keeping.


The Mente learning portal is about creating awareness and forms part of a blended approach of solutions. Our courses are not intended to train people in any other area other than having a basic understanding of mental health. For employees who need signposting to more robust solutions, we work with multiple professional mental health organisations and will happily introduce your business and employees to support on request.

Digital accredited mandatory course: The Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

In this 6 module course you will learn the basics around mental health, such as factors that can cause mental ill-health, and what the warning signs are. It also points people to relevant sources of professional help, as well as providing tips on staying well.

  • Module 1 A basic understanding of mental health including that mental health is a growing problem in the UK, with statistics to show you how big of an issue it is.
  • Module 2 The factors that can cause mental ill-health, as well as discussing why it is important that you are educated about mental health.
  • Module 3  Who mental health can affect, how your mental health can impact physical health, what the warning signs are, and what can happen if these warning signs are ignored.
  • Module 4  What are the potential triggers for poor mental health.
  • Module 5 What is a mental illness and what isn’t, symptoms of mental illness, and when you should arrange to speak to professional about your mental health.
  • Module 6 Signposting to free and fee-paying organisations that can help you further if you need it.

Digital accredited optional courses

On completion of the following courses, you will have a basic awareness of trauma, suicide, and debt.

  • Trauma Stress Management Information about trauma, such as what events can be traumatic, what traumatic events can do to a person’s mental health, and what can be done to help people who have experienced trauma.
  • Be Suicide Informed Information about why we should have direct conversations about suicide, why someone might feel suicidal, as well as where to get help.
  • Understanding Debt and Mental Health – 3 modules covering information about debt including statistics on debt, how debt can affect a person’s mental health, how to budget, and solutions for managing debt.

Launching January 2019 – How to be resilient and develop coping strategies in challenging times.

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