Why Use Us

Why Use Us

Much has been written about Mental Health, and rightly so. It has now overtaken back pain as the principal cause of workplace absence in the UK.

The 2017 Stevenson/Farmer report commissioned by prime minister Theresa May contains multiple recommendations to the government, employers and the public sector about the handling of employees with mental health conditions.

With the support of Mente, we have the ability to educate staff in bite-size online courses on the subject of mental health and wellbeing while using our unique diagnostic tools allowing for feedback on areas that cause poor mental wellbeing allowing businesses the chance to make reasonable adjustments while committing to the core values set out by the report.

As well as the core standards all employers have a legal responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to ensure the health safety and welfare at work of their employees. This includes minimising the risk of stress-related illness or injury to employees.

By demonstrating concern for the mental health of workers as well as physical health you can expect to have a happier healthier workforce improve productivity and engagement.

Legally, employers must abide by relevant health & safety and employment law, as well as the common law duty of care. They also have a moral and ethical duty not to cause, or fail to prevent physical or psychological injury and must fulfil their responsibilities with regard to personal injury and negligence claims.

While staff might feel happy to tell a colleague about a physical injury or internal illness, they still won’t openly discuss poor mental health such as depression, stress and anxiety with a coworker, yet staff are more likely to take time off for poor mental health than poor physical health. It is good business practice for companies to provide staff with the tools to understand their mental wellbeing and for them no one to feel ashamed to raise the subject.

'With awareness of Mental
Health growing rapidly,
the UK Industry is under
pressure to find a
workable and affordable
solution to manage the wellbeing
of their employees while adhering to their duty of care as employers'

"Poor Mental Wellbeing , such as depression, stress and anxiety, costs
businesses over £1000 per employee every year. This amounts to
almost £30 Billion a year across the UK economy."

What to Expect working with us:

Employers have a duty of care to their employees, which means that they should take all steps to look after their health, safety, and wellbeing and we can help you.

    • E-Learning allows staff to be familiar with Mental Health in their own time, and know how to manage their own wellbeing as well as that of others. It can be completed with monthly or quarterly refresher courses to ensure staff keep their mental health at the forefront of the business.
    • Regular anonymised feedback gathered from staff satisfaction surveys on workplace practices causing stress and anxiety allow management to make reasonable adjustment and changes. Listening and acting upon these concerns will make a healthier more productive workplace and can make a difference to sickness, absentee, leavers and most importantly staff morale. It will also ensure you are adhering to the HSE six management standards.
    • An improved and electronic record in risk assessment and management processes compliant with GDPR.
    • A full understanding of your responsibility in Employment Law with our in-house HR and Legal Associates (Equality Act 2010).
    • Access to independent healthcare advice on a range of wellbeing programme best suited to your sector whether that be a health insurance, occupational health or access to independent therapists.

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